All Of Your Roofing Needs For The Minneola Area

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Everything You Need To Know About Clay Tile Roofing

A standard favorite, clay tiles have been used for countless years. Modern clay tiles are readily available in hand-crafted or industrial formats, with the two types varying primarily in regards to appearance and price.

Clay roof tiles are strong and durable, and they are provided in tones of red, orange, brown and grey. Depending on the tiles in question, clay roofing tiles generally weigh in between 40 and 50kg per square metre. This implies they are lighter than concrete and natural stone, but much heavier than wood, natural slate and fibre-reinforced concrete.

There was much experimentation throughout the Victorian age and numerous multicolored tiles were produced by varying heat and kiln/furnace firing period. Nevertheless, the present day strategies, premium dyes, and productions have removed the guesswork from tile manufacture.

Irrespective of where you are living, tiles are an outstanding option for domestic roofs as they are pest resistant, fire and decay redundant. As fired clay tiles are durable and lasting, they are difficult to break and it is common to get the decking replaced while the tile roof is re-installed. These are ideal for providing the Mediterranean, Italian and Spanish look to the houses. And if you are searching for a modern-day townhouse, you’ll not be surprised to see clay tile roof there.

Benefit to Clay Tiles

Furthermore, other advantages of using tiles as roof material are that they are non-combustible, so they don’t ignite at all. With a variety of readily available colors and shapes, you can sure make your home appearance stylish yet special. When appropriate attention is paid on its maintenance, clay roofs can appear like brand-new for several years to come. Periodic cleaning is needed in order to guarantee that the tile roof does not develop leaks and remove leaves from the rain gutters before the rainy season begins. When you are searching for problem-free roof, opt for a clay tiled roof.