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Tile Roofing

Our techs provide a wide range of tile roof cleaning, repairs and maintenance.  We know how these roofing systems are designed and know the trouble areas as they age.

Regular roof maintenance is required by all tile manufacturers because they know:

  • Valleys will collect debris and it will clog them, causing roof leaks and interior water damage.
  • Pipe flashings are actually penetrations that go from the top of the roof to the kitchen or bathroom floors.
  • Wall flashings are is a type of penetration where water can enter a building.
  • Skylights and sun tunnels are another form of penetration and leak either because the skylight or sun tunnel is old and needs replaced or because of moss and debris that has built up around them over time.

All of these penetrations can have moss and debris building up around them causing roof leaks.  Tile roofs that are leaking may take years before they show up inside the home or building and by that time the damage can be substantial in labor and materials cost.

Proper maintenance can prevent these types of leaks and costly repairs. The most important thing for anyone who owns a tile roof to understand is that almost all damage happens under the tile roof and can not be seen.  This is why all tile roof manufacturers require proper and regular maintenance.  

If you can see clumps of moss on the top of your roofing you can be certain that there is debris under the tiles, in the valleys and wall flashings too.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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Remember: Maintenance is important for everything we own and value!


Tile Roof Maintenance

  • We can manually scrape the moss and apply moss control to the roots to kill existing moss and prevent it from coming back.
  • We can assist you by recommending tree trimming and gutter guards.
  • We service residential and commercial properties.
  • We work with property management companies too.

We have dedicated crews who do tile roof maintenance every day all day. They are trained to complete repairs and provide maintenance for all types of tile roofs.

Why my home requires more maintenance?

  • Roof maintenance is caused by the trees surrounding your home.
  • North and East slopes will require more maintenance.
  • The older your home is the more maintenance will be required (we all understand that).

Most often we find that people just don’t know that their roof needs maintenance because they were told it is a 50 year roof.

It’s like a 100,000 mile car warranty. If you don’t do the required maintenance the warranty is worthless.

Roof Leaking?


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Maintanence is key

Maintenance is important for everything we own and value!
Many multi-family properties can be scheduled each year for maintenance and repairs so that you can stay ahead of the maintenance and have no more surprises.