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Roof Assessments

When you contact PRM we will set up an appointment to come and do an initial roof assessment. This assessment usually takes about an hour and will cost $140.00 for walk able low pitched roofing between 3/12 and 7/12 on single family homes. If your roof is steep we will give you a written estimate of how much the initial assessment will cost before we start the assessment. Multi-family homes will be per unit or we can give you a flat fee rate to do the entire buildings initial assessment.

PRM will give you a written assessment of the entire roof system. What repairs need to be completed, the cost of those repairs and which maintenance program will work best for your home or building. With your approval PRM can schedule to complete the repairs or maintenance and sign you up for one of our maintenance programs.

We do not believe in high pressure sales. We will give you the assessment, answer any of your questions and leave you to make your choice.

Keep in mind that most problems with a tile roof are due to improper installation and lack of proper maintenance.

Once PRM does all necessary repairs and cleanings we can offer you several different levels of warranty.

Roof Leaking?


See Our Work

We stand behind our work and want you to see what we can do for your home.
We have an extensive photo gallery to show you work that we've done.

Maintanence is key

Maintenance is important for everything we own and value!
Many multi-family properties can be scheduled each year for maintenance and repairs so that you can stay ahead of the maintenance and have no more surprises.