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Many tile roofs come with a 50 year warranty from the manufacturer. These warranties are only on the roofing tiles themselves, not on the installation of the tiles.

These warranties are for the original owners of the home or building. If you are a 2nd 3rd or 4th owner of the home or building you have no roofing material warranty.

These warranties will remain in effect as long as you are on our maintenance program and all required repairs have been completed.

Written warranties start at $280.00 per year and up.
Not all warranties will cost the same because they are based upon the size of the roof, pitch of the roof and the type of roof tiles you have.

Our Premium warranty program requires 2 inspections and 1 moss control per year
Our Standard warranty program requires 1 inspection and 1 moss control per year.
Our basic warranty program requires 1 inspection and 1 moss control every other year.

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Maintanence is key

Maintenance is important for everything we own and value!
Many multi-family properties can be scheduled each year for maintenance and repairs so that you can stay ahead of the maintenance and have no more surprises.